Grand Senior Living has been providing senior housing, healthcare and hospitality services throughout the United States since 2000.  With each engagement, we incorporate new ideas and concepts into our solutions database, resulting in a continuous evolution of performance improvement for the benefit of existing and future clients.


Through internal capability and trusted relationships with other industry professionals, Grand Senior Living delivers needed expertise on time and on budget. We are small enough to react quickly to client needs and large enough to successfully manage the most challenging opportunities. Grand Senior Living is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved provider of management services for clients seeking HUD financing of their communities.


Grand Senior Living is actively engaged in seeking new opportunities that meet our strategic criteria. Our strategy is to grow based on successful execution of planning, smartly organized relationships and properly structured capitalization of each project that maximizes the return for Grand Senior Living and our partners.


Contact us to find out how we can partner with you to provide consultation, third-party management, or joint venture opportunities.




Daniel Hassan 

President & CEO


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Rebecca Stearns

Chief Operating Officer

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Heather Welch

Director of Operations

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Andrea Rees

Director of

Systems Applications

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Stephen Gunnerson
VP Operations



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Richard Hamilton

VP Design & Development

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Christopher Hassan
Director of Hospitality Services


Caline Rizzo
Director of 

Marketing &

Public Relations

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