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What Content Should Your Community Be Sharing On Social Media?

What Content Should Your Community Be Sharing - Grand Senior Living

What To Share

Continuing with our series on social media and senior living communities, let’s focus on what content communities can and should be sharing.

Content Creation

A common hurdle for the person or department running your social media presence is often creating interesting and shareable content (like this!). While retirement communities may not appear to be the most exciting places in the world, they can certainly provide plenty of original content for a Facebook page.

Senior living communities all have daily activities, special events and rich personal histories that make for great content that families love seeing and sharing. Planning to take fun photos with the residents is an easy way to keep your social media pages updated.

Content Calendar

We find that creating a social media content calendar each month can help remove the stress of scrambling to find something to post at the last minute as well as making sure your social media accounts are not being neglected. Using a calendar will help with planning for upcoming events and creating content around them.

While sharing daily or weekly activities is a great start, a good account will be diverse and feature photos, videos, and articles that are interesting to your audience. To start, we recommend that communities share roughly 70% community updates/news and 30% industry or other related news. These numbers can be adjusted as response dictates.

High-Engagement Idea

Content that tends to get high engagement are generally images or videos that focus on the residents and staff. Here are some content ideas that can be easily created by staff and residents:

  • Community updates: New residents, special events, property amenities, local news

  • Photos of the property throughout the seasons: Consider live-streaming a winter storm or special event for out-of-town family members to watch.

  • Create videos to share on Facebook & YouTube

  • Resident interview series

  • Meet the staff series

  • Highlights from events and activities

  • A tour of the local area

  • Share resident photos, i.e. Grandkid of the Week

Getting residents and staff participating together to create content together can be really fun and a great way to showcase a community. Having residents share the content with their families is a great way to gain free exposure online - and there is always a chance to go viral – highlighting your awesome community!

We Can Help

Still not sure where to start? Grand Senior Living offers a complete set of services, including internet marketing to help get your senior living community to full capacity. Contact us today!

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