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Learning Adventures

If gas prices are putting a damper on your travel plans, there is an excellent way for older adults to save money on lodging. While there are many discounts available through internet travel sites, you may first want to investigate Road Scholar (formerly Elder Hostel).

This is a wonderful organization that offers a very wide variety of travel and educational opportunities to people 55 and older. Not only are the destinations and programs out of the ordinary, but you’ll have the chance to travel with other people who have similar interests.


As a not-for-profit organization, Road Scholar is dedicated to making its learning adventures accessible to the widest possible audience of lifelong learners.

Trips are well organized and very inclusive, avoiding the hidden costs that so often drive up the price of vacations.

Costs for Road Scholar trips vary significantly, but there is a nice selection of lower priced options.

You can find information at or by calling for a catalog at 1-800-454-5768.


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