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Pet Companionship

Grand Senior Living - pet companionship

Emotional Benefits of Pets

Many studies have proven that pet ownership is excellent for older people. Not only do pets provide companionship, but it has been shown that people benefit emotionally from being needed.

While there are many positive points, careful consideration should be taken before deciding to get a pet. Not only do you need to be fair to yourself, you need to be fair to the pet.

Right Fit

First, be certain that your home is pet friendly. If you live in an apartment, or think that you may move to an apartment, be sure that pets are allowed.

Be realistic about your ability to care for a pet, both now and in the future.

  • Are you able to comfortably walk a dog and provide sufficient exercise, or would a cat be a better choice?

  • Can you afford to provide proper veterinary care?

  • Finally, do you have someone to care for your pet if you are not able?

Consider Adoption

Please remember that a mature pet is likely a better choice for an older person. There are so many pets in shelters and rescues that need good homes, why not think about adopting one of them?

For more information on adoption, check out

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