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Grand Memory Care

Grand Senior Living, LLC has partnered with Mackenzie Architects, PC of Burlington, Vermont, to design a new concept — Grand Memory Care™: a comprehensive approach to the financing, design, construction, and operation of person-centered care neighborhoods using the “small house” model principles.

We believe that the marketplace is ill-prepared to deal with the coming wave of demand for person-centered Assisted Living and Memory Care neighborhood development, and so we have spent the last five years creating this flexible, exciting model.

President & CEO

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What is Grand Memory Care™?

  • A comprehensive Assisted Living program for those with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia;

  • The Grand Memory Care™ program can be added to an existing hospital, nursing home, independent, assisted living, or community care setting;

  • A new stand-alone neighborhood comprised of construction of a new building and incorporation of the Grand Memory Care™ program;  

  • Along with our collective team experience, the Grand Memory Care™ Program incorporates much of the latest research in evidence-based design and person-centered care;

  • We have adopted the “Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residences” in designing our care practice areas and staff training programs.

Grand Memory Care™

a proactive, common sense,

thoughtful approach

to a complex challenge.

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