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Our Philosophy

A System of Principles for Guidance in Practical Affairs  


The Pillars of Our Philosophy:


  • A person-centered approach to caring for the individual living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia

  • We create an atmosphere where both residents and staff embrace life

  • We have designed an environment and program that addresses how we care and protect the physical person while also nurturing and respecting each individual’s soul and dignity

  • Each person has many contributions he or she can still make if encouraged and surrounded by an atmosphere of support, flexibility, love, and compassion

  • Create a sense of belonging for each resident is essential, and our staff, volunteers, and families are the key





We work hard to create an environment where staff have a place to make an important contribution each day –

A place where satisfying work, great support, excellent resources, and strong team leadership are the pillars for maintaining high levels of productivity and job satisfaction.

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